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New model: Grande Fleur
20.03.2014    The new Grande Fleur expands the product offering in the dynamic temperature control range. The Grande Fleur together with the Petite Fleur are two small Tangos and are the entry level into the world of Unistat technology. The compact dimensions and unique thermodynamics of the Grande Fleur mean it is ideally suited for high precision temperature control of research reactors. The Grande Fleur offers all of the great performance and features of the Unistat series, achieving unrivalled heating and cooling rates.
FREE Download: SpyLight software
10.01.2014    The SpyLight software (free of charge) enables process relevant data to be visualised and documented. The communication options are RS232, RS485, USB (virtual COM-Port) or TCP/IP. SpyLight is easy to install, is economic with computer resources and child’s play to use. The recorded data is displayed to a base of time; the axes are freely scalable and a zoom function helps the evaluation of individual segments.
Huber now has a mobile website
08.01.2014    Huber Kältemaschinenbau has launched a new mobile website in German and English customised for all available mobile devices. The site has been designed to fit screens of all mobile devices and uses a simpler design, resulting in faster loading times and a user-friendly navigation. The layout is automatically adapted to the monitor resolution of different mobile devices. All key content is easily accessible. The user is guided comfortably to the information requested, e.g. further information on the company, how to find Huber or the current exhibition dates. The complete product range is still available, also PDF data sheets as well as case studies. The website offers a convenient option for mobile access, providing all product specifications and data. The mobile versions can be opened via or directly on
Price reduction for Cooling Circulators CC-510/515/520/525
09.12.2013    The cooling circulators CC-510(w), CC-515(w), CC-520w und CC-525w have been technically optimised and are now available at a significantly reduced price. The circulators offer a working temperature range from +200 °C down to -50 °C / -55 °C and cooling capacities up to 3,3 kW. The devices are suitable for internal and external temperature control tasks in laboratories and pilot plants. All units are equipped with the new multi-touch controller Pilot ONE.
RotaCool chiller now reduced in price
02.12.2013    Pricing of the RotaCool chillers has been significantly reduced. The RotaCool chillers are the best solution for cooling rotary evaporators on the market. The units are especially designed for rotary evaporators. The space saving concept of the device due to its “L” shape design is unique. The evaporator is placed directly on the RotaCool; no additional space on the laboratory table is required.
Sophisticated temperature control
07.10.2013    The highly dynamic temperature control systems of the Unistat series provide state-of-the-art solutions for extremely precise and efficient temperature control of double-walled reaction vessels and autoclaves in chemical process engineering. Contrary to classical circulation thermostats, the Unistats allow for extremely fast temperature changes and very broad temperature ranges without fluid change. The product range comprises more than 50 standard models and 200 variants with cooling capacities of up to 130 kW, covering temperatures from -125 °C to +425 °C. Unistats are the only system in the market that make a professional scale-up from research lab to production facility possible, under identical conditions and with consistent operation. The benefits for process engineers: optimum process safety, reproducibility, and process stability.
Recording process data on USB flash drive
05.08.2013    Free firmware update for new functions in Huber temperature control devices. The firmware update provides the user with various new functions. These include for example the possibility to record process data on a USB flash drive. This new function allows you to have the major process values written directly on a connected USB flash drive. The firmware update furthermore comprises an integrated data recorder which records the key operating parameters in the background in a buffer, similar to a black box. This data can be saved to the USB flash drive and transmitted. Thus, the service technician gets valuable information for optimum system setup or for troubleshooting. You need the "Pilot ONE Flasher" software to run the firmware update. This software is available for download. After installation, the latest firmware will be loaded automatically from the server and transmitted to the Pilot ONE.
New Beer-Forcier Test Circulator BFT5!
11.06.2013    Huber has extended its range of products with a new heating & cooling circulator specially developed for Beer-Force-Ageing-Tests! An accurate prediction of the time elapsed until the onset of turbidity is essential for breweries, especially to provide statements regarding the durability of beer and to establish the shelf life. Huber offers an easy and effective solution: The Beer-Forcier test circulator enables to make accurate predictions of durability.

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